2.1 Introduction to Chain Drives

Chain drives are an important part of a conveyor system. They are used to transmit needed power from the drive unit to a portion of the conveyor system. For example, if we have a gearbox and a contact roll on a conveyor, we need a way to transmit the power from the gearbox to the roll. This can be done easily and efficiently with a chain drive unit. 

This section will cover: 

  1. Various types of chains that are used to transmit power in a conveyor system. 
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of using chain drives. 
  3. The correct installation procedure for chain drives.
  4. How to maintain chain drives.
  5. How to calculate speeds and ratios that will enable you to make corrections or adjustments to conveyor speeds. 
  6. How to determine chain length and sprocket sizes when making speed adjustments. 

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